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    Obtained by the fermentation of selected varieties of apples, apple cider is a sweet and fruity drink slightly alcoholic to enjoy throughout the meal. Served at the optimum temperature of 6/8 ° is a tribute to Organic Agriculture Trentino and its most famous product.

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    The Stassen Tradition range: over 100 years of expertise available in four original varieties. A drink which can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to your finest dishes.CIDRE DOUXStassen Cidre Doux only contains 2% alcohol. It is available in 75 cl bottles. Cidre Doux goes deliciously...

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    Kidibul, the Stassen company’s flagship product, just consists of fruit juice. Each 75 cl bottle of apple Kidibul needs the delicious juice from six lovely apples. Kidibul is a naturally good, healthy product, produced without preservatives or colouring, starting with the rigorous selection of the...