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      Fermented birch sap drink "MINTY" She is minty. She is moody. Inspired by that old classic cocktail but tastes more like our Granny's PEPPERMINT TEA. Excellent after a spa day or in a hot summer sun!Based on naturally FERMENTED birch sap, with peppermint and lime flavorLow sugarNo ...

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      Fermented birch sap drink "RHUBARBIE"Pink and youthful - it's out of this world! But this BARBIELICIOUS drink tastes more like the homemade rhubarb cake of an Estonian granny. Don't have one? Too bad. Drink Börch and imagine like you did!Based on naturally FERMENTED birch sap with rhubarb ...

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      Chilled and refreshing – ready-to-drink iced tea is a hot topic for tea lovers worldwide. From the early tradition of serving black tea cold with a slice of lemon to the most modern of iced-tea products, consumers have a wide range to choose from. brewT is an ice tea concept designed by Hälssen &...