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      Products available in Food Packaging :1.Microwaveable Retort bag2.Food Pouches - Stadn up 3.Dairy Food Packaging General4.Dairy Food sealing film5.Dairy Food sealing film6.Dairy Food Lidding film7.Dairy Food Foil Lids with Embossing8.Foil cover for bottle milk9.Flexible Pocket Size Juice ...

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      Products available in Pet Food Packaging :1.Li Pack's Pet Food Packaging2.Stand up pouch pack with 300g Dog 3.Square Bottom Bag in 1.5 kg Pet Food4.Blocked Bottom Bag in 1 kg Dog Food5.Quad Seal Bag with Handle in 5 kg Dog 6.Flat Bottom Bag - For 500g Pet food7.Flat Bottom Bag VS Quad Seal ...